Please Note:  I just resurrected this site which originally built in the late 1990s.  It's dated but it's back!

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1969 Pontiac
B-Body Homepage

I've set this web site up as a repository for information on the 1969 Pontiac full-size (B-Body) model line, which includes the Strato-Chief, Laurentian, Parisienne (including the 2+2), and Grande Parisienne in Canada and the Catalina, Ventura, Executive, Bonneville, and Brougham in the US.  If you're looking for information on the GTO, Grand Prix, Tempest, Lemans, or Firebird, you're in the wrong place!

I've limited my task to the 1969 model year, but since the changes for 1970 were primarily cosmetic, much of the information you'll find here also applies to the 1970 models.

As much as I happen to like these cars, they are clearly not the most popular cars in the world.  I've owned several, including a '69 that my Dad bought new and that I've had since they day I turned 16 in '84.  Since information on these cars, particularly the Canadian models, is pretty much non-existent on the web, I decided to throw together what I had on the off-chance that there are others out there restoring these cars.  If you find it useful or entertaining, please drop me an email... it'd be nice to know you stopped by!

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